Autism diaries. A day (or two) in the life of US .

Since finishing work this evening I have been for dinner with my son . I thought it would be lovely as being at work all day has meant I didn’t get the time to cook anything . So we met his dad and we all went for a lovely dinner.

As we are eating our dinner the owner of the restaurant, who is friends with my sons dad , came and sat down to join us for a chat . Emir was eating a lamb chop . The owner of the restaurant decided to ask him a question.

Do you like the food Emir ?

It smells funny (holds the food and sniffs at it )

Do you like it though ?

No , it smells like a toilet !

Yesterday started with my boy trying to charm me into taking him somewhere . I think , that he thinks , that I’m stupid.

Mummy, you are my princess and I love you so much !

Aww thank you , I love you too .

Can we going swimming to the lake today Mummy ?

So my day was already mapped out by my very clever boy. Off to the lake we went . It’s one of our favourite places to go and the weather was exceptionally hot.

He wanted to bring his giant weather balloon with us , of course . Not a beach ball or a frisbee , no only a balloon the size of a small house.

Anyway I managed to persuade him to just bring a ‘relatively ‘ normal balloon with us instead. One that’s not the size of a small house.

We had to stop on the way , at the shop to get his fruit pastel ice lolly that he always has and of course we had to put the same music on in the car , that we always listen to . I love to look at his face in the mirror when the music is playing , he looks so happy and relaxed in his own little world, and has the biggest smile on his face.

When we got to the lake we found our usual position , then a beautiful swan decided to join us. Emir does not like birds at all so he instantly got angry at the swan for coming near us .

Go away duck , get away from my balloon ! If you pop my balloon I’ll pop you !

The swan didn’t stick around for long.

We decided to have a little swim in the lake. I remember when my son was shy , wouldn’t say boo to a goose ( oh the irony ) , that doesn’t seem to be the case now !

While happily throwing a ball to me he decided to shout at a dad passing by ,

Hello , excuse me , hey you , can you move ! Please !

At least he said please !

When we left the lake , me and Emir had a little disagreement. Anyway he pinched my arm quite hard , it’s actually bruised . All the way home he said he wanted a caramel slice and I said he didn’t deserve one for being rude to me. As we got home and got out of the car he asked me again…

Mummy can I have a caramel slice ?

I’ll think about it Emir !

Well , you know I will just keep on asking you mummy !

To be fair , he did .

After the lake I decided to do a bit of shopping . Happily browsing the sales racks and my son decided to disappear. Next to me were some teenage girls and all of a sudden they started laughing . I looked up and there is my boy peeping up at them through the hanging clothes ! There he is

This is why I can’t take him shopping.

At least I got a positive reaction instead of the usual judgemental one . I’ll cover that in another blog post .

Anyway we had a lovely day together. When we got home he told me he was hungry and wanted a bag of crisps . Go and get some , I said , to which he replied

Can you get them mummy , I can’t I’m too little !

Well he’s not too little to answer back and be rude , or tell a grown man to move out of the way , so I’m sure he can manage to get a packet of crisps from the cupboard !

This evening he asked me if we can play tickles.

Emir it’s too hot to play tickles!

Well take off your clothes and then play then ?

Thank you for reading . I hope you all had a good day . My next posts include an interview with an adult on the Spectrum. Please message me with some questions to ask him. I’ll also be writing a post about real horror stories of how people have responded to public meltdowns and how we can change people’s perceptions of Autism.

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