About me.

My name is Donna . My son was diagnosed with Autism aged 4 and since then I have embraced his condition and educated myself. I have gained a level 2 certificate in understanding autism, autism awareness diploma , Special Educational Needs Diploma , level 2,3 and 4 and my teaching assistant diploma level 2 . I have attended various parenting workshops and am currently involved in the annual autism awareness day we have at work every year . My son is now aged 9 and verbal and currently obsessed with balloons . He is a joy to be around but also at times very challenging . I wouldn’t change him for the world and I feel privileged to be his mum . I decided to set up a blog for him and so that I can help other parents and share our experiences . Please join me and my son on our journey together as we learn more about this condition and share stories together . We would love to hear your stories and comments , so follow us and let’s see if we can raise some awareness . Love Donna and The boy who loves balloons 🎈