Routine.When we say we are going to the beach , we must go to the beach.

The constant need for reassurance is another trait of my sons condition. He is not only obsessed with balloons but also loves the sea. Yesterday I told him that today we would go to the beach and all morning he has repeated the same question many times, “mummy are we going to the sea to paddle today “, He fixates on things and if I say we are going to do something, then that has to happen or he will become very distressed. Until what he is expecting to happen, actually happens , he will obsess and fixate on this until it comes into fruition . This is mentally exhausting for me as his mum however I do understand him . He needs to ask the same question as he is worried that the situation will change and he doesn’t cope well with situations changing. He asks the same question for reassurance that everything is staying as he expects. I am not sure if I should be answering his constant barrage of questioning or should I limit this . Personally I find that I repeat myself several times a day to offer him the reassurance that he seeks and ensure that he can cope . Maybe this is a mistake, the truth is I don’t know , but it is all a learning curve. Autism is a hidden disability that presents many daily challenges and all we can do is just take one day at a time and navigate our way through it together. Children and adults on the spectrum, all present very differently . Each one is an individual with their own set of needs and their own personality traits therefore there is no “one size fits all ” approach to managing this condition. At this point all I can advise is a lot of patience , follow your own instinct and once the kids are settled into bed , wine .

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